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How Tutoring Succeeds When Classrooms Fail

Some students feel so overwhelmed with one or more classes that they don’t think they can ever catch up with the class or curriculum. Some feel like they can never learn what they need to in order to graduate.  After decades in education, I can tell you, that when the material is presented from a new perspective; one that you can grasp, you CAN absorb the material. That fresh perspective is one more way tutoring turns failures into successes one student at a time.

Personalized Learning

Teachers present material to the whole class in a one size fits all approach in the hope enough students will grasp the concept they teach.  That presentation style just doesn’t work for some students.  Alternatively, I can tailor my teaching methods and materials to match the unique learning style and pace of an individual student. This personalized approach helps students grasp concepts with more comprehensive understanding.

personalized tutoring setting benefits

Individualized Feedback

Because there is one student and one tutor, I can provide detailed feedback on assignments, such as essays, projects or problems. Individualized feedback helps students understand their mistakes, learn from them, and keep improving in their work.

Advanced Learning

Personalized learning is not only about presenting the material in a way the student can better understand.  Tutors sometimes work with students who grasp concepts quickly and need someone who move at a speed the student will benefit from.  In this situation, tutors can delve deeper into the same subject matter as in the classroom. Alternatively, in this situation, the tutor and student could explore more advanced topics beyond the scope of regular curriculums.

Focused Teaching Setting

In the classroom, the teacher speaks to the entire class, in spite of drifting attention spans.  In a tutoring setting, the student is getting my undivided attention.  The one-on-one setting allows for in-depth discussions, immediate feedback and instant answers to questions that would be impossible or uncomfortable to conduct in a classroom setting. As a result, the student has the opportunity to gain a quicker and fuller understanding of the subject matter from a tutor.

Tutoring Strengthens Weak Areas

In Tutoring, the person-to-person education setting, helps tutors identify a student’s weaker areas on the subject matter.  That in turn, helps the me create targeted strategies to address those gaps in knowledge.  It also means the students receive help overcoming the same obstacles that might hinder their progress in a classroom setting.

Improved Confidence Personalized Attention

The personalized attention and support students receive here tends to evolve into increased confidence. This boost in self-confidence can positively impact the overall attitude toward learning.  That usually enhances a student’s academic performance with the tutor and in classrooms in the future.

Immediate Clarification of Doubts

In a classroom, students who don’t understand the subject matter often hesitate to ask questions.  It could be due to embarrassment or time constraints.  Either way, the setting for students and tutors is more casual and less intimidating.  Students are more likely to feel comfortable asking questions in our sessions and I then have the freedom to clarify doubts quickly, before wrong assumptions take root in the student’s reason. Ultimately, this setting, whether in person or virtual, enables the student’s improved understanding of the material.

Meeting Curriculum Goals

Test Preparation

Tutoring is particularly effective for test preparation. Beyond sharing subject matter, tutors can coach students through testing.  This could include sharing test-taking strategies, providing practice questions, and offering guidance on time management.  All of these topics contribute to life skills and to better performance on exams.

Subject Mastery

In preparation for tests, the most import skill to master is a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. In tutoring, an educator proficient in specific subjects can work closely with students, helping them achieve a higher level of mastery and understanding. Research has shown that tutored students tend to perform better academically than those who don’t. Tutoring can contribute to higher grades and overall academic achievement.

Catching Up After Missed Lessons

Sometimes an illness, trip or special circumstances cause students to miss multiple class sessions. It can leave the student behind the class, unable to catch up. Here, I can help students catch up on missed lessons, enabling them to bridge gaps in their knowledge and avoid falling behind in their studies.

Motivation and Mentoring

There is another benefit that surfaces during tutoring. Mentoring through individual eduation sessions often motivates students to stay on track with their studies, set goals, and maintain a disciplined approach to learning.  This often carries out beyond academics.  There are important life skills communicated in a tutoring situation such as time management, organization, and effective study techniques.  No less important is critical thinking, problem-solving and independent learning skills.  All of this can come out of tutoring and contribute valuable attributes for personal growth and success in various areas of life.

In short, there are a number of ways the focused and personalized learning experience provided by tutoring can help a student succeed. It can have a profound effect on their education and personal development, not just in the subject matter, but throughout life.  Contact us here to discuss how we can help you or your student excel.

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